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Human rights ombudsman's council concerned racism gaining ground

11.09.2018 14:53
Category: work and news

The Human Rights Council, an advisory body to the Human Rights Ombudsman, has expressed concern that racism has gained ground in Slovenia since the migration crisis in 2015. The civil society and the media must respond to intolerance, the council has said, urging a broad debate on what language is used in public debates.

Meeting on Monday, the council underlined the need to distinguish between hate speech and defamation, the Ombudsman's Office said in a press release on Tuesday.

Often, individuals who feel offended and claim the attack on them was hate speech are given public attention, while evident examples of hate speech go undetected, the press release said.

The society needs to become more aware and sensitised to the various forms of racism, which has become wide spread.

The council agreed that journalists need to feel more secure in order to do their job well and promote the values of respectful communication. Often, they are dependent on capital, which in turn uses them to promote its own values and positions.

The council shared the view that punishing those using hate speech will not reduce its prevalence. However, it will send a clear message of what is not acceptable.

The members moreover believe the narrow interpretation of provisions on hate speech in the criminal code serves as a sort of self-censorship that stops many from reporting hate speech incidents.

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