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Ombudsman says govt, parliament reacting slowly

20.02.2019 11:03
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Outgoing Human Rights Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer presented her work in 2018 and in her entire 2013-2019 term in Ljubljana on Wednesday, urging the government and the National Assembly to implement the ombudsman's recommendations faster. Even Constitutional Court rulings are not being implemented on time, she said.

More than ten decisions of the Constitutional Court remain unimplemented, Nussdorfer told the press today, saying that this was a "grave violation of the principles of the rule of law."

During Nussdorfer's term, the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman petitioned the Constitutional Court to review nine cases and managed to prove that the act on the balancing of public finance, introduced to mitigate the economic crisis, has arbitrarily lowered pensions.

The court also accepted its arguments in the case of municipalities' obligation to provide subsidies for apartments to young people with financial problems, and in the case of state subsidies for kindergarten or any other social rights for the self-employed.

Thanks to the ombudsman, Slovenia is no longer sending those who are unable to pay their fines to prison and keeps the documents of psychiatric hospitals in a special archive.

Nussdorfer said that most progress had been made in respecting the principle of good management but this is still the field were most violations were recorded.

Progress was made in most areas, but not in equality before law, and personal dignity and security.

Violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms were detected with 45 state bodies last year, which is nine fewer than the year before.

The most violations were recorded with the Labour Ministry, although their number has dropped compared to 2017. The ministry is followed by the government and the local governments, both recording more violations than in 2017.

In the last five years, the ombudsman has given 487 recommendations, of which two-thirds have been implemented. In the 2018 report, Nussdorfer gives 88 new recommendations.

The ombudsman calls for a bill that would provide recourse for holders of subordinated bank liabilities who were wiped out in the 2013 bank bailout and measures to restore people's trust in judicial procedures.

The report also warns of overcrowded and understaffed prisons, not enough opportunities for prisoners to work, and the lack of measures to protect the older and ill prisoners.

It also calls for changes to the election legislation to improve the system of voting by mail.

In health, it recommends an analysis of the causes for the long waiting lines, criteria for institutions that offer public services, a bill on mental health treatment and changes to the law on contagious diseases and vaccination.

Nussdorfer told reporters today that it was not enough for the National Assembly to merely call on all state bodies to follow these recommendations. "The National Assembly must check whether the recommendations are being implemented," she said.

Nussdorfer, whose term expires this Saturday, praised the response of the previous government to the 2017 report. She is also hopeful of the current government.

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