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First Forensic Psychiatric Centre in Slovenia Opens

29.08.2011 13:22
Category: work and news

Slovenia's second largest hospital UKC Maribor opened the first Slovenian forensic psychiatric centre, which will house up to 66 prisoners from the entire Slovenia. Head of the UKC Maribor Gregor Pivec said on the occasion that the first residents would arrive on 1 October.

The first Slovenian forensic psychiatric centre was opened by justice Minister Ales Zalar, director of UKC Maribor Gregor Pivec and Health Minister Dorjan Marusic. Human Rights Ombudsman Zdenka Cebasek Travnik, who has championed the importance of such a centre in her yearly reports, also attended the opening.

The project is worth EUR 100,000, of which UKC Maribor contributed 40%, while the rest was secured from the budget reserves. Pivec added that the national Health and Disability Insurance Institute (ZZZS) would have to add some EUR 3m for the centre's operations.

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