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Ceremony remembers Holocaust victims

24.01.2016 15:15
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A commemoration marking the upcoming International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held in Ljubljana on Sunday. The ceremony, organised by the WWII Veterans Association, was addressed by Human Rights Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer, while President Borut Pahor and Culture Minister Julijana Bizjak Mlakar were among the attendants.

Nussdorfer pointed to the high number of Slovenians who were in concentration camps during the WWII, banished from their homes, died, were forced into labour, were war prisoners or shot as hostages.

There were 36,200 Slovenians in Italian concentration camps, 21,234 in German ones, 688 in the Hungarian camp and 400 in the Croatian Jasenovac, she noted.

A total of 12,380 Slovenians died in concentration camps, 19,000 were forced into labour or were war prisoners. Another 2,949 were shot as hostages, she added.

"At lest 60,000 people from our small Slovenia suffered like this," she said, adding that these figures were horrifying.

"Only few of you survived and you are a living memory of the worst atrocities of WWII...The horrors you went through must remind us and the future generations not to lose the historical memory, not to let it be clouded by different stories that are trying to diminish the significance of the rebellion of the European nations against the unprecedented dehumanization."

Jani Alič of the WWII Veterans Association said today's ceremony also commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Liberation Front, the main organisation fighting the occupying forces in WWII.

"When we remember the victims of the Holocaust it would be right for us to learn something from this crime of mass proportions. These horrifying numbers of the dead and humiliated must be a reminder that something like that must never happen again," Alič said.

The WWII Veterans Association organisers a commemoration marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 27 January, every year. The day remembers the 1945 liberation of the biggest concentration camp Auschwitz, where 2,346 Slovenians were imprisoned and 1,351 of them never returned home, according to Alič.

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