Natisni vsebino

Personal contacts with ombudsman

Within the institution of Human Right Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia examples of violations of rights are solved by the expert service, all communication is usually done with the mentioned specialists who specialize in specific fields.

By resolving each case, the Ombudsman is acquainted with each case, as a rule, he signs all the final answers to the petitioners in a separate case.

Exceptionally, the violation of rights in a particular case may also be discussed with the ombudsman in person, but the complaint will still be taken over by a competent expert.

In case you would like to discuss your case with the ombudsman in person, please register with Mrs. NataĊĦa Mazovec by calling 01 475 00 20.

On the above number, you can also arrange for a personal meeting with the ombudsman.

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